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      Celebrating 60 Years
      of Flying Far & Wide
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    Flying far and wide since 1959, Highland’s experienced and professional crews have flown many thousands of demanding and challenging hours providing a broad range of flight services throughout our wide-reaching base network in Western Canada.

    For over six decades, Highland has forged a reputation that stands well above the rest. With our long record of dependable operation, we’ve become the trusted premier helicopter operator for oil & gas, forestry, mining, telecommunications, wildlife management, aerial media and more.

    When it’s time to fly people, equipment or supplies in and out of remote places, you can’t compromise. You need the most reliable operators in the business, which means you need a team focused on safety, quality and rock-solid values. It’s why Western Canada’s most vital industries fly with Highland. Many of our clients have remained with us for over 30 years. Now that’s trust.

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